— Welcome, we are Chameleon Print

About us

We are all about relationships.

We have worked with communities from the very beginning.

We strive to form strong relationships with our customers, so that we can provide for their needs in the most effective way possible. 

We want to know you and form an indepth understanding of your business and brand, so that we can best help you achieve your goals.

About the Owner

Our team starts with Patrick, a family man who has a strong passion for screen printing and artistic pursuits.

Patrick is always on the go, seeking to get orders out as fast as possible and to the highest quality possible for his customers.

You will get to directly deal with Patrick and he will oversee and work with you on your orders to achieve the best outcomes.

Patrick has wide ranging interests within the printing world and other industries such as coffee and chose the name Chameleon to represent this.

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