Artwork guide

If you want good print quality, you need good quality artwork. If you aren’t experienced in graphic design it would be best to work with a designer for your artwork.

The main requirements for good quality artwork are:

  1. The artwork is 300DPI at minimum
  2.  File type: Vector (we can work with other files at 300DPI, but vector is the best)
  • If you have the standard dpi of most web images at 72DPI, this will likely come out blurry. The artwork needs to have been created at 300DPI. It doesn’t help to just change the DPI from 72 to 300 in photoshop, it will still come out blurry. Also, you should make sure to scale the artwork to print size in photoshop to check the clarity is maintained at print size too.
  • You can check the image size and resolution in photoshop by opening the image in photoshop, clicking on Image > Image size and viewing the resolution. If the resolution is already set at 300DPI, you’re good to go

In any case, we are willing to help you with your artwork, if you contact us we can assess it for you and help make it print ready. If major changes need to be made such as redesign an artwork fee may apply. We will let you know of any fees before starting.

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