Sublimation Dye Printing is a method of printing using heat to transfer designs

Sublimation Pricing

Prices on T/Shirts

  • Logos from 6cm to 10cm $5.00
  • A5 size $6.50
  • A4 size $8.50
  • A3 size $12.50
  • for Two sided printing a 10%reduction on cost
  • Cost does not include the T/Shirt

White Polyester T/Shirts

Costs of T/shirts range from $10.50 to $16.50 and for Hoodies from $25.00 to $45 these depend on the brand and quality of the fabric

Sublimation on other products

Prices include Sublimation Design of your choosing for printing
Water Bottles

Prices reflect type and ml of bottle 

  • White  600ml screw top Aluminum Bottle  $14.50
  • White  750ml screw top Aluminum Bottle  $16.50
  • Cost include the Print
Glass Tiles and Photo Frames

Glass Display Tile      Product Dimensions: 20cm x20cm $35.00 Backlights available at  $5.00 each

Glass Photo Frame     Product Dimensions: 23cm x 15cm $28.50

Glass Photo Frame mirror edge     Product Dimensions: 18cm x 23cm x 5mm $35.00

Glass Crystal  Photo Block rounded rectangle      Product Dimensions: 15cm x 10cm x 2cm $42.00

Glass Crystal Photo Block on a base       Product Dimensions: 13cm x 9.2cm x 2cm  Base: 16cm x 4.5cm x 2cm  $45.00

Wooden Tile Frames: This square timber frame designed to suit our 200mm x 200mm  Product Dimensions: 232mm x 232mm with a 201mm x 201mm recess to fit 200mm square tiles. Colour: Brown/Timber $25.50

Cushion Covers & Inners

Cushion Covers 40cm x 40cm $9.50

Cushion inserts for 40cm x 40cm $ $7.00

Plush Cushion Cover (3 Panel) 40cm x 40cm $14.00 

Leathaire Dark Grey Cushion Cover 40cm x 40cm $18.50

Mugs & Beer Glasses

Coffee Mug: Mug Size: H9.5cm x 8.2cm Diameter Volume: 11oz (200ml) guaranteed 3,500 washes $9.50

Frosted Coffee Mug: Dimensions:9.2cm (H) x 8.0cm (Diameter) Material: Frosted Glass (Sublimation Coated) Volume: 325mL (11oz) *This product is recommended for hand washing only (not dishwasher safe). $9.50

Frosted Beer Mug: Dimensions: 14.5cm (H) x 7.8cm (Diameter) Printing Area: 14.5cm (H) x 23cm Material: Frosted Glass (Sublimation Coated) Volume: 495mL (16oz) $19.50

Sublimation Enamel Coffee Mug  Mug size: 360ml – White/Silver Capacity: 360ml (12oz)Size:8cm (H) x 9cm (Diameter) Colour:White enamel with stainless lip Material: Ceramic coated stainless steel with exterior sublimation coating. $19.50

Stainless Steel Outdoor Coffee Mug: Size: 300ml (10oz) Colour: Stainless steel with a red carabiner handle Material:Sublimation coated stainless steel with alloy handle Features: Double walled stainless steel Rugged sturdy design Carabiner handle Great for  on the work site, hiking, camping or fishing $12.50

Sublimation Glass Beer Stein Mug : Overall Size: 15.5cm (H) x 8.5cm (Diameter) Printing Area: 9.5cm (H) x 25.5cm Material: Glass: 590ml (20oz) $16.50

Steins & Wine Glasses

Stemless Wine Glass Frosted: Sizes 500ml Dimensions: 13cm (H) x 7cm (Diameter) Material:  Frosted Glass (Sublimation Coated)

Volume:Product Features: Popular stemless wine glass shape Ideal for serving wine, cocktails, mocktails, juice, smoothies, & desserts $12.00


Stemless Wine Clear Glass: Dimensions: 6.8cm (Diameter) x 11.5cm (H)

Material:  Clear Glass (Sublimation Coated) Volume: 500mL (17oz) Product Features: Popular low profile rounded whiskey or spirit glass shape

 Ideal for whiskey, spirits, cocktails, mocktails, various drinks and desserts All glasses come individually packed in a white gift boxes $14.00


Stemless Champagne Sparkling Glass Frosted

Ideal for serving champagne, sparkling wine, cocktails,  frosted stemless Great for personal use or printed with branding for small businesses, cafes, restaurants and bars or as personalised celebratory toasting glasses at weddings and other events. Dimensions: 16cm (H) x 4.6cm (Diameter) Material:  Frosted Glass (Sublimation Coated) Volume: 300mL (10oz) $15.00


Shot Glass Tall: Size 3ozThese shot glasses Materials: Clear Glass with a White Coating. Dimensions: 10cm (H) x 4cm (D) *product is packaged in minimum purchase quantities of 6 $25.00


 Cheese Board and Knife Set (6pc): Dimensions: 37cm x 14cm x 3cm Material:  Sublimation glass cutting board, wooden gift box, stainless steel knives

Printing Area: Glass cutting board – 31.5cm x 11.5cm Product Features: Wooden Gift Box to hold all the tools Glass Cutting Board to serve cheese Wine Bottle Stopper Corkscrew Opener & Knife to remove the foil and open the wine Cheese Fork to serve or hold the cheese as you slice it Cheese Knife to cut and spread the cheese Drip Stop Collar to prevent the wine from dripping on any surface $46.00

Aluminum Photo Panels & Wooden Photo Frames

Aluminium Photo Panel  High Gloss  15x20cm (A5) these aluminium photo panels provide a luxurious result, and are less likely to bend or crease than thinner alternatives $15.00

Aluminium Photo Panel  High Gloss  20x30cm (A4) these aluminium photo panels provide a luxurious result, and are less likely to bend or crease than thinner alternatives $25.00

Aluminium Photo Panel  High Gloss  30x40cm (A3) these aluminium photo panels provide a luxurious result, and are less likely to bend or crease than thinner alternatives $39.00

Coasters / Medals / Neoprene Mousse Pads

Sublimation Neoprene Mouse Pad:

These neoprene mouse mats use a fine weave sublimation textile with a textured rubber neoprene backing for added grip on your work surface. Colour: White Size: 23.5cm x 19.3cm x 3mm Material: Sublimation textile with rubber neoprene backing $8.50

Round Coaster Cork: Round Hardboard Coaster with Cork Backing Specifications Dimensions:9.5cm Ø Diameter Printing Area:9.5cm Ø Diameter
Material: Hardboad with cork backing set of 6 $25

Round glass coaster  with rubber feet Dimensions 9.5cm $25


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